Celebrating Halloween 2020

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin Halloween!

Like everything else this year, Halloween is looking very different. In some areas, like my own, the health unit strongly suggests not to go Trick-Or-Treating, nor hand out candy. I am not here to judge what anyone decides to do, to each their own. My husband and I have been going back and forth for weeks on what to do, and have decided to not hand out candy nor take the boys Trick-Or-Treating. Now, given our oldest is only 3.4 years old, we are lucky in the sense that he really doesn’t know what Halloween is (and even luckier that he doesn’t like chocolate or candy…it’s true and no, I don’t understand it either). However, my heart breaks for those who have been Trick-Or-Treating for years and look forward to this night all year long. I certainly will miss seeing all those adorable little babies in their costumes, and seeing the excitement on the faces of the children as we drop candy in their bags.

We will not let this decision put a damper on Halloween. My family and I have fun activities planned out!

We started our day with a walk around town to check out all the Halloween decorations. We saw some people have signs in their yards saying “No Trick Or Treating Due to COVID-19” and “Sorry, see you next Year!” The Ontario government actually has print outs that you can use. Click here to print one out! We then came home, put our costumes on and took our yearly photos! My oldest has not been a fan of costumes in the past, and so to our surprise came around this year and asked to wear his shark costume! My 8 month old wore his big brother’s old Lion costume and the pictures did not disappoint! We are planning to have home made pizza for supper, and will add pepperoni to make it look like a pumpkin. We are going to surprise our oldest with a new Halloween book from his favorite character, Blippi, and are going to have a family movie night!

My youngest and I made the cutest little Halloween art piece!

“Mommy’s Little Pumpkin”
It was so easy to make this. All you need is a canvas and some orange and green paint! I painted his feet orange, and then placed them one at a time onto the canvas, drew on the stem, and that’s it!

2020 has been so hard on all of us. I hope you and your family can celebrate this spooky Holiday your own way! If you are going Trick-Or-Treating have fun and be safe!

From our family to yours, Happy Halloween!!


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