How I am Handling the Holidays during COVID-19

With Christmas two weeks away, panic mode is starting to kick in. My husband even made a comment last night about “We still have 8 weeks left.” Hmmm… No hunny, there are only 2 weeks left. 2 Weeks?!? Like all other Holidays this year, things will look very different, but I think I’m starting to get a handle on it. Here are some ways on how I am handling the Holidays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve decided to stay home this year!

If you are like us, and many others, we have some vulnerable loved ones in our family and have been taking all the necessary steps to keep them safe, and that won’t stop at Christmas time. Instead of traveling to Montreal like we do every year, we’re bringing Montreal into our living room! Last night, I spent a few minutes teaching my mom how to get FaceTime on her TV. We still plan to celebrate Christmas together, only it will be through our televisions. We have an Amazon fire stick, and so we downloaded the AirScreen app and use Screen Mirroring on our phones to screen share (Facetime) on our TV’s! My son will for sure get a kick out of seeing grandma and grandpa on the TV! I am so happy to have a safe way to celebrate with them this year.

Shop local, shop local, shop local.

It is SO important this year (and every other year, to be honest) to shop local. These shops are the first people who are there to help us when asked for donations to our fundraisers, they are the friendly faces we see when shopping in their stores, they are the ones who always have the best tips, and always make every shopping experience a pleasant one. Here are some of my favorites in my town!

I was just at Cook’s Corner, in Morrisburg, ON, this week to pick up the PERFECT Christmas present for someone on my list (Can’t give away too many details just yet!) I had seen their post on Facebook about it and kept telling myself to get over there before it sold out! I was SO happy it was still there when I went in. Kathy is so wonderful and always makes me feel welcome. I strongly recommend heading over there.

Another fantastic place to shop in Morrisburg, ON is the new gift shop at the HomeHardware, where you can find the lovely Shannon Casselman. Also the owner of The Country Blossom, Shannon recently opened up a gift shop at HomeHardware. I was in there last week and it is absolutely gorgeous! It is full of Christmas cheer and you are sure to find something special! I used to attend workshops that Shannon used to host, we made some beautiful things. She is very talented!

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Lakeshore Massage Therapy. I have had the pleasure of getting my nails done, my eyebrows done, and have enjoyed the benefits of massages. And trust me, being a mom requires, and deserves, all three! They offer gift certificates if you’re trying to think of something for that hard to buy person!

There are so many more wonderful places to shop in Morrisburg, these are just a few that I have recently visited! Find more amazing shops at the newly launched website,

Don’t forget to bring your mask when out shopping to help keep everyone safe. My little 3 year old sports his mask when we are out and about, and it makes me SO proud!

Here’s my little man wearing his mask while helping daddy shop!

Sending out cards!

I had always planned to send out Christmas cards this year as it’s something I have never done before, but always say I am going to. All other years are just so busy, that I never get around to it…what better year to start! I am part of an amazing Facebook group of mom’s who have all had babies the same month and year as my oldest (honestly, the best group of ladies I have ever known) and one of the admins had such a brilliant idea. She organized us to send cards to loved ones who we think may need a little extra cheer, more specifically, our grandparents in long term care who really haven’t had much cheer all year long. What a thoughtful thing to do! I mailed mine out the other day!

I plan to relax, and take Christmas Eve and Day as slow as possible.

We are going to make homemade pizzas on Christmas Eve with the boys, and drive around to look at everyone’s decorated houses! On Christmas morning, my husband and I are going to stick to our tradition of making brownies for breakfast, and we are going to take the day as slow as we can. We will have fun opening up presents with our boys, setting up new toys, and staying in our new Christmas PJ’s all day long. Yes, I am 100% going to miss how we have done the Holidays in the past…. especially Tree Night at my parent’s house. We usually all gather to decorate the tree, have amazing food, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company. It is probably what I am going to miss the most this year (besides getting together with all our family, Christmas dinner, The Santa Claus parade, pictures with Santa Claus…. okay fine, there is a lot I will miss…) But what we have to keep in mind is that we are changing things up this year, to ensure everyone we love goes into the New Year healthy, and able to celebrate all the great things that are coming in 2021. There’s only a few more weeks of the year 2020 folks…. we can do this!

How are you handling the Holidays this year?


5 thoughts on “How I am Handling the Holidays during COVID-19

  1. We are sooo going to miss celebrating with the wee ones this year, but thankfully we did learn how to celebrate long distance on our TV. It has been such a different holiday season and Grandpa is prepared for a few Grandma tears christmas morning, but you have definitely made it easier by educating us with social media. We did miss tree night and A light at night and the Santa Claus parade, but just think how much we’re going to enjoy it all next year!!

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  2. Hey Shawna, I loved reading about your memories of past Christmas traditions. I remembered the sound of crunching snow under our boots when we went out for that Xmas Eve walk searching the sky for that jolly fellow. Tree night and you hanging your self-made ornament that has been around for..yikes..decades…and your brother moving it to hide it. And the excitement always believing in Santa…no matter how old..errr mature, we get. Santa, you see, will live forever because Santa is that spirt of Xmas….and you always have to believe in that!
    Your dad, “Big Guy”….

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