Self Care during a lockdown: Getting out into nature!

Covid sucks. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks. It was my grandmother’s 97th birthday, and while on the phone with her I had to explain why we couldn’t get together (she has some issues with memory) and my heart just broke over and over again. Hearing her ask why I haven’t dropped by with the boys in awhile is tough. She asked how the boys are handling the pandemic (and latest lockdown) and it got me thinking about all the ways it really has affected them, my husband, and me.

My second son was born in mid February and will be a year old next month. HE’S GOING TO BE 1 NEXT MONTH. He’s only met a handful of friends and family. It kills me that he will be ONE NEXT MONTH and really hasn’t met too many people. What does this mean for him? My brain instantly goes to so many different outcomes….social anxiety, separation anxiety… By this time with my toddler, I had already sent out 1st birthday invitations… that certainly won’t be happening. I highly doubt the lockdown will be over by next month the way things have been going. However, I’m not letting this one slide… We are going to throw him the biggest and best 1st birthday party as SOON AS WE ARE ALLOWED. I’m going to go all out for this little guy.

This year’s cold and flu season is a million times worse than any other. Seriously. Every single sniffle, every single cough results in me taking my boys’ temperatures multiple times a day, and keeping them away from everything and everyone. I might be over doing it, but YOU NEVER KNOW. Especially since my toddler has started daycare, he comes home with all kinds of germs. With cases going up in the area, we can’t be too careful. My toddler caught a cold from daycare and of course, sharing is caring, so we all ended up with it. It was a pretty nasty one which resulted in both he and my husband getting tested for COVID. Thank goodness, they both came back negative.

With a lockdown in place, I’ve had to come up with things in order to keep my family busy, and as healthy as possible. Keeping up with my new outlook this year to work on self care, we got out into nature to enjoy the beauty of a Canadian winter!

The awesome power of Mother Nature cannot be underestimated. Even looking at a lovely view has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and help patients combat physical pain. Without really understanding why, scientists have found that being in nature improves our mood and overall well-being, providing a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Time spent in nature connects us to each other and to the world.

– From the book “Self-care, 150 little ways to make a big change”

Check out this artice it explains 10 reasons why being outside is important.

I wanted to work on three things this weekend:

  • Relieving stress
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Clearing the mind

Now, I have to be completely honest, before kids, I would have never done this. Just another way having children has really changed my life for the better. They motivate me. I revolve my world around trying to keep them physically and mentally healthy, which in return, forces me to do the same! Getting outside and heading on a 4 km walk definitely tackled each and every one of those three things mentioned above.

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”

Mary Davis

 We had a decent amount of snow this past weekend and so we took to the great outdoors, and man, did it feel good. It was the perfect winter temperature and really helped reduce some lingering stress I have been holding onto this past week. It also helped keep my mind distracted from wandering off into anxiety land and over-thinking every little aspect of life. Every minute I was outside with my family, I was in the moment, enjoying their giggles as we pulled them on their sleighs, watching their big eyes looking at all the trees on our walk through the forest. What’s more therapeutic than that? Getting the boys outside was so important to me this weekend. We are working to build those little immune systems, and getting a shot of fresh Canadian winter air feels so damn good to the system!

Feeling a little stressed? Can’t clear your mind? Trust me… get out there.

Nature is truly amazing.

How did you work on self care this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Self Care during a lockdown: Getting out into nature!

  1. You’re absolutely right. On the days this old Grandma hauls herself out to go for a good walk, those are the day she has more energy, and feels refreshed. Of course visiting and going out with the babies would be 100 times more rewarding, but sadly that’s not an option right now.

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  2. Loved reading the getting back to nature post! Weather has been great to get out in the snow. The tempertures have been good and just enough snow to walk in, hear the crunches, and maybe snow angels?
    Of course those that have to shovel and clear snow after every snowfall may see the weather differently!! : )

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