OUR BASEMENT RENO IS DONE – And I am a little sad

Since we first moved into our house I have always wanted to renovate our basement, which was really just being used for storage, and turn it into a playroom for our boys. When my husband said he would get it done, I was super excited. He started in September and finished it last weekend (aside from a few last minute things).

He built a wall to separate the basement into two different rooms, one for a playroom, and one for all our storage and a little work area. He tore down drywall, put new drywall up, painted, put a floor in….everything…honestly I was super impressed by what he did – I knew he was handy, but really didn’t think he would do the whole thing by himself – It was his COVID project, and it turned out awesome.

My toddler is absolutely in love with it. As soon as he comes downstairs in the morning he runs right to the basement. I actually have a hard time getting him to come back upstairs. So why am I sad about it?


Before we had the playroom, most of our boys’ toys were in the living room. So we spent all our time in there, it really did look like a playroom with a couple couches and tv. Their roller coaster was even in the middle of the floor. So, after I had moved everything, dropped my toddler off at daycare, and put the baby down for a nap I stood in my now empty (adult looking) living room and I saw a glimpse into my future…a look at my life 20-25 (or sooner) years down the road and a surge of sadness swept over me. Everyone always says to slow down, enjoy the moments because they go so fast…and, as much as I have even said it myself, in this moment I actually felt it. It was the first time since having my first baby that were no signs of children in the living room…I pushed and pushed for this day to come, to have a living room that wasn’t full of toys…and for a split second I regretted the entire basement reno and wanted to bring all their toys back upstairs. I kind of feel like the look on my husband’s face had I done that would have been worth it, but to keep my marriage going, I chose not to. Seriously though…

Snuggle your babies a little longer tonight and give your toddler one (or two…or three) more hugs before bed… I sure did.


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